Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SlutWalk Report

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SlutWalk was this past weekend! As is Seattle's custom, it was fairly cool all weekend, only to get SUPER SUNNY and in the 70s during the week. So there we all are, many of us slutted up, and shivering. And yet, there were enough breaks in the clouds for me to get a sunburn... on the tops of my boobs. Even better: I was wearing a push-up bra, so my boobs were smooshed together & up, so the sunburn shape when my boobs are "at ease" looks like a pair of lungs.


There was an amazing group there... men, women...


P1040521 P1040588
(this one was my bff)

(cut for lots of pictures)

My friend and I didn't make signs because we are lazy, but holy crap other people were PREPARED.

P1040518 P1040538

Westboro Baptist Church Assholes came out to protest, as they do... and we outdid them, as we do. Surrounding the few asshole protestors were plenty of supporters, many of whom had lovely signs saying things like, "Not all Christians are like them," etc. I'm not a Christian myself, but having been raised that way, I appreciate the ones who make an effort to displace the idea that all Christians are raging idiotic jerkfaces.

P1040526 P1040563

It's hard to say which signs were my favorite...

P1040569 P1040559 P1040565 P1040560 P1040571

The rally at the end of the march was fantastic. They had some powerful speakers, and I wish I had a better memory so I could share more of the wonderful things these women said. I remember one speaker saying, "Why was I raped? I was raped because a rapist raped me."

P1040575 P1040589

There was also a woman who did some spoken word poetry, and I think some of it was about femme lesbians who shave their legs? But I had a hard time following. I was in a fuzzy hangover fog the entire time. Pot + alcohol + running amok with fellow naked cyclists all day = SUPER FUN. ...until the next morning. Erg. Bless my patient friend for putting up with my whining squinting self at the walk. But one part that really got through my fog was this: "The ONLY person who should be ashamed of rape... is the RAPIST."

I wanted to scamper on stage and hug her, but I was all the way across the square and in line for lemonade. Lemonaaaaaaaaaade. So no hug. Plus I probably would have tripped.


  1. I really enjoyed this and I wish I had made it to the walk. You know my stance on the issue, and I'm very proud of everyone who showed up.

  2. And I admit I'd have taken a picture if you'd tripped. Better that we got lemonade. :)