Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Internet Hob-Knobbing

Why is called hob-knobbing? It makes me think of hobbling around, or bonking hobbits on their heads maybe.

I already posted this week about my interaction with Dooce. My other favorite blogger is Miss Doxie, and not long ago she set up a Facebook page. Today she posted about how she's just discovered Honey Badger (who don't give a shit). In response, I posted a link to one of my pictures from SlutWalk.

She responded within the hour: "I just fell the hell out of my chair laughing. That is the best photograph ever taken." And now she is sending my picture to her friend.


I made Miss Doxie laugh! One of the funniest people I have ever, ever read, and I MADE HER LAUGH.

Bam, son. I'm done.

(okay, this would be better if I'd actually been the one who made that sign that she's laughing at, but ... I can be a funny proxy, right?)

(I promise I will have more dating misadventure stories soon. I think the next one will involve me being topless and covered in glitter. Yep.)

COMPLETELY UNRELATED: This advice column is fantastic, and this one in particular - read the 2nd question/answer. Very important info re: blowjobs, a subject I take quite personally. I have been in that woman's situation, and I think the dude's advice to her is fantabulous. READ IT READ IT NOW


  1. Awesome advice column! I love it.

  2. WWHBD? Not give a shit, obviously. Oh, that's NASTY.

    I too am in favor of this sign.