Friday, July 26, 2013

Muffins Vs Cupcakes

Genie: there are a good number of women out there who really need to start thinking about better hygiene!
Genie: I just went to the bathroom. One stall smelled like an Indian buffet. One was a gargonzola cheese factory. One was a can of fermented cat food
Genie: and it's not even 10am!

Peanut: ewwwwww
Peanut: this is one of those times I'm glad I work with mostly dudes!
Peanut: so far all that's happened to me is I got a donut, and had a convo about whether donuts = deep fried cake or not

Genie: I'm pretty sure they're just deep fried cake
Genie: and muffins are just huge cupcakes w/o frosting

Peanut: noooooooooooo
Peanut: Genie you are blaspheming right now

Col. Dr.: I usually agree with Genie on most things, she is a modern day sage. But muffins are not large cupcakes. Muffins are healthy or hide in the appearance of being healthy. Cupcakes are pridefully aware that they are trying to kill us.

Genie: I speak only the truth
Genie: when I grow up, I'm going to open a stand called 'Genie's Muffins' and I'm going to sell cupcakes w/o frosting

Peanut: I'm going to open a stand next to you called Actual Cupcakes and sell the same thing

Col. Dr.: I'm going to gain 50 to 60 pounds and visit every morning. I may need a rascal

Peanut: Genie says she will buy you a horn for your rascal

Col. Dr.: that horn will be be the center of my all my rascal decorations

Genie: I'll also get him a bumper sticker for the rascal that says "I brake for muffins"

Peanut: except then I have to get an addendum sticker that says "...and cupcakes"

Col. Dr.: right next to my "Hooray for boobies" with a blue footed boobie bird sticker

Peanut: should we get streamers for the handles? wait. that's a silly question. of course we should!

Genie: pshhhh
Genie: like you had to ask
Genie: and a basket on the front

Peanut: oh yes
Peanut: and some sort of animal tail on the back
Peanut: perhaps a zebra

Col. Dr.: I was thinking a rhino tail
Col. Dr.: just a fat gray stubby thing
Col. Dr.: and a horn on the front
Col. Dr.: next to my other horn

Genie: I saw a motorcycle over the weekend with real cow horns on the front and a real cow tail on the back
Genie: and when you pushed a button, it would mooooo
Genie: ...I'm working on doing the same kind of thing to my truck

Peanut: that is the best idea I think you've ever had in your entire life

Col. Dr.: This may be the greatest idea ever from humanity

...the point of this entire post is whether or not donuts = deep fried cake. The muffins vs cupcakes thing isn't even up for debate because muffins and cupcakes are very much like apples and oranges in that THEY ARE NOT THE SAME, GENIE. And I have the blog, so I win.