Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In a sharin' mood

My last poetic post spurred a little swirl of haiku-related emails betwixt (I honestly can't decide if I love or hate that word. Mostly it just makes me want to eat Twix.) myself and G-Funk. She whipped this one up:

Your file got fucked up
It’s not the end of the world
Some perspective, please

And then gave me the best Tuesday afternoon present a crotchety office worker could ever ask for: THIS WEBSITE. Now I get to sit here trying not to guffaw and snort and chortle (all totally different laughs) at my desk when I am supposed to be Serious and Worky. Instead I'm all, *snicker* ... *snerkle* ... *ahem*

Snerkle? Yeah. Next time you try to hold in a laugh, just go ahead and tell me what it sounds like.

that website + bunneh = lurve 4eva (...or at least until I reach the end of his archives. Which just happened, and now I'm left feeling abandoned and alone and other a-words. Awry, maybe? Sure. I feel awry.)


Catching up on news
Makes me make serious face
Like I'm working hard.

Notice boss looking.
I squint thoughtfully at screen
Frown at web comic.

And a couple more from G-Funk, who is a natural at this:

Vending machine Twix
Exists only in my dreams
What the fuck, Alan*?

*Not the real name of the guy at work who buys the stuff that goes in our vending machines. NOT GONNA POST IT HERE PEOPLE. I'm retarded, but not quite that retarded. Yet.

Quality control
team asleep behind the wheel
Yet client blames me

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