Saturday, June 4, 2011


This post has nothing to do with dating or boys, unless you want to date food, in which case YOU HAVE A PROBLEM OKAY. Food is good, I love food, but dating food? That seems awfully one-sided and creepy.

So, food.

I am making a sandwich right this minute (I am so good at multi-tasking, you have no - oooh, something shiny!) and I'm putting on this sandwich, as I do, my homemade bacon jam. I think to myself, when did I make this bacon jam? Because I have another jar of it I have not opened yet, and I wonder if it will kill me.

The downside of homemade goods: no expiration date. How am I to know the shelf life of my bacon jam?? Do I just wait until one day I get violently ill, then count back to when I made that batch, and make a note? That seems... sketchy. Also not a fan of being violently ill. It's all ... violent. And gross.

And I also have this Deep and Introspective Thought for you: fat-free mayo is gloopier than full-fat mayo. Discuss.


  1. Well, if you freeze it, it should last for quite awhile, right?

    And mayo, eeewwwww. :P

  2. It really depends on how you made the bacon jam. Did you can it? If so, canned goods are usually good for about 1 year from the date of canning it. Otherwise... I have no idea.