Thursday, July 19, 2012

my love life is a broken record

Peanut: i think she, like everyone else around me, is just kind of tired of the whole thing  
Peanut: being heartbroken is pretty boring to other people :P  
Peanut: "what are you up to?" "crying." "how are you doing today?" "miserable." "do you want to do [insert anything here]?" "no, i hate everything."  

Poco: I don't think it's boring, it's sad  

Peanut: it's a bit monotonous

Poco: I'm sure your friends sympathize  

Peanut: i guess. to most people it's weird that it's hurting me so much since we only dated about 2 1/2 mos  

Poco: connections happen fast sometimes

Peanut: but i just feel so hopeless and worthless and betrayed... it's a culmination of ALL the times this sort of thing has happened to me, and how i'd just given up so it wouldn't happen again, and then i met him and had hope and it got squooshed again so i feel stupid for believing anything  

Poco: :(

Peanut: and how i knew going in that it was a possibility bc i knew about the relationship and the recent breakup  
Peanut: and i did it anyway, thinking maybe this would be the time it would be different  
Peanut: but no  
Peanut: it was the same