Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Just a couple things for the moment...

1. I've enabled Anonymous commenting, as you may have noticed. Now if you want to comment, but you don't want your fellow bunneh-blog-reading friends to know it's you, you don't have to text or email me. You can leave the comment here for all to enjoy, but nobody will know! It will free your tongues (fingers?), I hope.

2. I'm looking for guest blog writers! I feel the general topics of this blog (dating, relationships, sex) are fairly universal, and I've heard some good stories from some of you via other mediums. If you have a great story you want to tell, just send it to bunneh.d@gmail.com, along with whatever pseudonym you'd like to have it published under. It can be Steve the Crap Can for all I care, just be interesting and I'll post it!

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