Friday, May 20, 2011

The ice inside your soul

Short one tonight... I had a great happy hour with Genie and Little Mama that had me crying, "oh, this is SO going in the blog!" more than once, but I think I'll save those posts for after the rapture. I'm pretty sure anyone reading this blog will probably still be around after homeboy Jesus pops on down and scoops up his disciples, so don't worry. The Rest Of Us have until October 21 to loll about lazily in our sinning ways.

Which some of us will continue to write about on the Internet...

In the meantime, tonight I just wanted to share a couple of songs that I've been completely and totally obsessed with lately (me? obsessed with something? whaaaat?) - I think together, these songs nicely cover about 75% of my relationships. The other 25% are probably more suited to be sung about by Daft Punk. I know I'm not the only one in lovelovelove with these songs, as I've been seeing them popping up a lot on Facebook lately, plus, just DAYS after I downloaded them, they were performed on Glee.

That means they MADE IT. Because: Glee. It was enough to make me forgive them for also covering that weird "Friday" song that isn't good, no matter who sings it, because HI THE LYRICS ARE RETARDED.



First up, we have Adele - Rolling in the Deep. This is a strong, powerful song. Just a little angry, just a little sad, just a little wistful, just a little evil-bitch-vengeful. It's what we are after a breakup. It brings to mind more than one guy for me, more than one "we could have had it all."

And this one, Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts... slower, softer, but holy crap. Something about the way she doesn't sound angry, but is very clearly telling this guy to fuck right off just really makes me want to be a stronger woman. One who can say, "look, you're treating me like shit right now and that's just not cool," but without any crying or screaming or throwing of Gameboy Colors.

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