Friday, July 29, 2011

Input, Steph-a-nie!

Number 5 is ALIVE!

But seriously, a while back I posted about a guy who wants to love his lady but let her love others. A sort of one-sided polyamory situation, I guess? One commenter said she is, in fact, in such a situation, and I asked if she could convince her husband to respond and explain the appeal.

He did! So everyone else who was curious, go back and read the last comment. It's really interesting, and I would like to thank Anonymous Husband for taking the time to give us all some insight into that lifestyle and his through processes surrounding that choice.


  1. AH wrote: You are welcome. I hope that it was helpful. I hope your readers don't think I wear a bad rug and have gold chains.

  2. I myself do not practice poly, but the way he described it, makes it seem a little less scary

  3. DH wrote: When you boil it down AW could leave me anytime. She picked me. I am confidant that she loves me. That love grants me the ability to let her go. I know she will come back. She knows I will be home happy to see her when she arrives. Plus if she wants taco night, or a hot dog, she can fill her cravings. I am willing to give her what ever I can. But there are some things I don't have to give her. I wonder if you can call our relationship PolyMog.

  4. AH Wrote: I really expected there to be more comments. BobGinger what are your thoughts now on poly? True good to be true?

  5. AH, I don't exactly have a large readership yet. :)

    As for my thoughts, well, your particular situation is only one kind of poly relationship, and one that I don't think would work for me personally - if I were to enter into a polyamorous relationship, I'd want my partners to enjoy other people as well. I'm glad you explained your side for sure, as your input totally helped remove the creepy possessive vibe so many of us felt from that Craigslist posting I shared.

    Poly as a whole, I'm still researching. I will definitely do a whole post once I've gotten more info/opinion. My copy of The Ethical Slut only just arrived yesterday, so I haven't even had a moment to crack it open. :)

  6. AH Wrote: I love my wife. AW is the best wife I could ever hope for. I am out of state for work and she and one of my best friends hooked up. She got a massage and 4 orgasms. They even sent me pics while I was at work. I am glad she was able to get some even though I am far away. Her only gripe about him is the amount of pubic hair. Need to have a topic. Shaved or landscaped. AW goes though phases. Sometimes trimmed, sometimes jungle, sometimes total brazillian wax. She will never shave again after discovering the waxing. No razer burn. She don't mind body hair, but when she is giving head she don't like to stop and pick her teeth. I can't wait to get back home to her. But good to know she is gettng taken care of.