Monday, September 12, 2011


BobGinger: As I'm researching polyamory, I'm also definitely leaning toward "interesting, but not for me." Every time I'm out there playing the field, I've noticed once I meet someone I'm really interested in, I'm suddenly less likely to flirt with anyone else, even if I had been previously. I just don't seem to have the energy for more than one person at a time. Having 2 cats in my home was like a little metaphorical test run. I was constantly torn on which cat to pay attention to... the one that's in a new place and scared, or the one that needs to be comforted that I am not replacing him?

Mrs. H: I have some moral objections to it, but beyond that I just don't think my emotions are even remotely built that way.

BobGinger: There are parts that appeal to me... I'm scared of committing to the "wrong" person, so this would allow me to find others who might fill the needs my partner does not, it doesn't entirely but does largely remove the fear of cheating, and I really like my alone time, so the Partner Time would be nice and spread out; however, when I want attention, I want ALL the attention (CLEAN ALL THE THINGS). And I know I would regularly wonder, does he like her better than me?

But I am totally fascinated. I actually know people who have been in poly-committed relationships for a decade or more, and are happy and successful and loving. It blows my little mind.

Mrs. H: I have not known any of those... I've known the one partner wants it so the other goes along and then everything blows up and destroys everyone sort.

BobGinger: I guess in one way, writing this blog is opening my mind. I feel like a little unofficial sociologist. I've always been fascinated by all the different types of relationships and personal interactions.

Mrs. H: nice. You should have business cards made.

BobGinger: "totally amateur and untrained sociologist who makes semi-educated guesses at things based on limited experiences and a rather narrow field of personal research. for hire."

Mrs. H: that might be a little long for a card.

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