Monday, January 9, 2012

Vaginal Party Tricks

Aussie: I've seen things Peanut..... in Thailand
Aussie: scary things

Peanut: ooo tell me tell me

Genie: !!!
Genie: what kinds of things

Aussie: a "ping pong" show
Aussie: the ping pong balls were ok, then they started smoking and got people from the audience to light them up and then take to cig out and smoke it
Aussie: and there was a blow gun
Aussie: that shot darts
Aussie: at ballons

Peanut: so they shoot ping pong balls out of their vaj?

Aussie: yeah

Peanut: but i don't know how to make my vaj inhale or exhale

Aussie: nooooo.... that was odd
Aussie: and they would pull things out
Aussie: strange things
Aussie: that don't belong in there

Peanut: like whaaaaaat

Aussie: umm... flowers

Genie: !!!!!!!
Genie: our chinas are lame!
Genie: I cant do any of those things

Aussie: I can't remember [what else]

Peanut: are you traumatized?

Aussie: lol yes

Peanut: i wouldn't want to put my peener in a vaj like that, if i had a peener

Aussie: nooooo
Aussie: it was def not sexy

Peanut: i'm totally baffled

Aussie: about what?

Peanut: how to do that!

Aussie: haha yeah
Aussie: how do you learn something like that?

Peanut: i don't even know

Aussie: does your mum teach you?

Genie: ahahhahaha

Peanut: i can like, grab with those muscles
Peanut: but only peeners/fingers that are already in there
Peanut: i don't see how you could SHOOT something out of there
Peanut: or light a cig!

Genie: ahahhaah
Genie: yeah! only things that are already in there
Genie: I think they just know how to queef on comand

Peanut: i wish i could NOT queef on command

Genie: YES!
Genie: because it always comes out at the worse time

Peanut: it's so embarrassing!
Peanut: i mean, even if you both laugh about it
Peanut: it's like oh god whyyyy

Genie: what I HATE is the post sex pee (which we HAVE to do so we can stay UTI free) and you're sitting on the toilet trying to just ease the pee out w/o easing out a queef
Genie: because if you do that shit on the toilet it's amplified

Peanut: YES
Peanut: omg i'm trying so hard not to laugh out loud at my desk

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