Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Texts From Last Night: My Version

Pretty high, pretty drunk. Decided to text with Hedgehog.

Me: I an clearly not relationship potential & that's not gonna change so I give up  
Me: Am  
Me: I still see typos  

Hedgehog: Of course you see typos. You're you.  

Me: Up  
Me: I give
Me: On things  
Me: It's sprinkling on my phone  

Hedgehog: Booooo. Don't. Giving up is a horrible idea.  

Me: Sprinkle sprinkle  
Me: Giving! Up ¡  

Hedgehog: ???  

Me: $pr1nk73
Me: I want a cheeseburger  

Hedgehog: You are really fucked up, aren't you? :)  

Me: I an walking home & finding it funny  
Me: Am  
Me: And funding my reality funny  
Me: Single forever? That's hilarious!!
Me: Raaaaaaain on my phone? SO FUNNY  

Hedgehog: Hee  
Hedgehog: Yeah, I laugh every day  

Me: The weird SPRINLE
Me: Hsaaaaaa  

Hedgehog: Wow.

Me: Sprinkle!!! Am I sucky? Okay. I meant "right" but that one is toooo funny to fix.
Me: Laughing so hard am cryin fc  

Hedgehog: True. I'm saving all these, so you know.

Me: Weird. Sprinle.  
Me: Heeeeeee

And then I got home and passed out pretty much immediately.

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