Friday, November 18, 2011

WeedGirl, Day Two Review

I promise this is not going to become a pot blog, but this is my shiny new thing in my life, so bear with me. I know before I hopped on this train, I was pretty damn curious about the whole thing myself, so I'm guessing I'm not the only one. Although I might be. IN THE WHOLE WORLD... all alone...

Oh, so, yeah. Pot. Last night I checked out another dispensary (or collective, whatever you want to call it). The guys there were nice enough, but not as bubbly and personable as the lady who helped me at my first one. They also had less selection than I'd seen on their website ( if you're looking). On the upside, the guy who took me back did know his shit, and he was very accommodating of all my questions. Because I was new, he first went through all their products, explaining what they were, how they were used, the benefits, etc. Loads of great info, and I didn't have to stand there and ask question after question.

They had suckers (I picked up a few different flavors to try out), honey, candy bars, sprays, drops, teas, sodas (I got root beer), vitamin waters, and a couple of different kinds of cooking oils (canola and olive are the ones I can remember). I was tempted to get some of the oil, but they were a bit pricier. This place did take cards, but I'm a thrifty gal. Another neat thing about this collective is that they're doing a canned food drive - if you bring in a canned item to donate, you get 25% off your purchase. When it's over, all the food goes to a local food bank. I can definitely get behind that kind of community involvement!

The place itself was very tidy. The lounge area was bright and clean and had a comfy couch and lots of magazines to browse (you have to be escorted to the products area, so you have to wait for someone to be available). The actual merch area was pretty small, but they had quite a bit of stuff. He told me they're planning to start carrying vaporizers soon, too, and they had lots of pipes and other paraphernalia available. 

My next stop is going to be another one that's in my neighborhood and has been around for quite a while. A friend of mine recommended it after reading my last post - I had no idea he was a card-carrying MMJ user! What's the proper term for that, anyway?

So, experiences so far: the people working at the dispensaries are great. Knowledgeable, friendly, approachable. I don't really have much history with pot to be able to compare prices or quality, but I feel like both are good. I'm learning to smoke in tinier puffs so I'm less likely to cough and hurt my throat. Last night I tried 2 bites of my indica cookie, and about 30 minutes later I could barely keep my eyes open. Perfect! I didn't stay asleep as long as I would've liked, but that may come with time. Part of what woke me was the extreme dry mouth I ended up with - any advice on how to preemptively combat that? I knew it was a possibility so I had a water bottle at the ready next to my bed, but I'd prefer to just not have to deal with it. Also, Hedgehog texted me at 230 AM, and I'm a dolt who always forgets to turn off her phone at night. *grumble*

Questions I'm coming up with: if I leave my pipe sitting on the counter overnight with weed in it, is that a bad thing? is my junk gonna get all dried up and icky? Does anyone know what one might have to go through to qualify as a baker for a collective? How can I avoid cotton mouth? Is it weird to join lots of different collectives, especially one right after the other, or is that considered normal for new patients, as we shop around for our favorite one?

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