Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Out of the Fog?

Last night I was still in the Mega Funk that has gripped me since my birthday-ish, but this morning I woke up and... felt pretty okay. I meowed at my cat and laughed at his face, I cleaned his litter box, I took out the garbage. These are things I have not done in some time. Hooray!

takes out garbage when it's fulldoes not take garbage out unless it has come to life and is giving advice to local Fraggles
cleans the litter box somewhat regularlycleans the litter box when the cat is hovering over her with a butcher knife because there is NOWHERE LEFT TO PEE
eats smallish meals/snacks every few hoursdoes not eat most of the day, except maybe candy, then comes home and eats everything in sight
puts away laundry within a couple of days; generally has a couple pairs of jeans on the end of the bed and pajamas on the floorstill has clean laundry in the basket from over a week ago; has a small mountain of clothes/jackets/who knows on the end of the bed; has another small mountain of clothes in the corner from a handful of "what do I wear" moments over the last 3 weeks; dirty clothes are piled haphazardly in the spot where the laundry basket normally goes
washes sheets/pillowcases regularlyalternates pillows and sleeps in different positions to maximize use of clean spots on sheets/pillowcases as long as possible. slept diagonally the last few nights. hooray for large bed/small person!
does dishes within a day of dirtying them; immediately when bakingdiscovers new and previously under-utilized places in the apartment to store dirty dishes: coffee table! floor! desk! who knew?

I can say this: I still went to work and did my job. I still fed and took care of my cat (litter box aside). I'm fortunate to have a cat who does not pee or poop elsewhere if his box isn't up to his standards. I don't have any dirty dishes in the bedroom. My hair has been washed at least once in the last couple of days, and at no point did I do anything that caused me to hallucinate hobos living in my apartment.

So I think overall, that was definitely not the worst bout I've had, although it was rather lengthy. Guys, I think tonight? Tonight I might even... do the dishes.

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  1. The depressed column is very familiar. You're very lucky the cat doesn't view the entire apt as a litter box.