Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Normal Conversation... For Us.

Genie: oh and! do you know about demon porn? how about dinosaur porn?

Peanut: dinosaur erotica I've heard of
Peanut: but not demon or dino porn
Peanut: wtf
Peanut: who is sharing these things

Genie: oh yeah. what I said "porn" I meant erotica

Colonel Dr: never dino on dino. It's always dino on girl.
Colonel Dr: We saw it in an article, and I was one step away from buying it to see how bad the human race was...

Genie: how does a dino peen even fit in a person?

Peanut: I dunno, people do it with horses and they're pretty big right?
Peanut: maybe like a velociraptor

Genie: boyfriend's stepmom was telling me about it. she does the voices for books on tape...or cd or whatever and I guess she's being approached by a lot of these dino/demon people
Genie: is it sexy because the dinosaur eats you after you do it?

Peanut: maybe it's the thrill/danger of knowing they might
Peanut: or they could do it with vegetarian dinos, they're probably tender and loving

Colonel Dr: No, it's all about taming the beast.
Colonel Dr: Taking that big T-Rex, and making it worship you with the power of the V
Colonel Dr: I get that

Peanut: is it because you fancy yourself a T-Rex?
Peanut: if a T-Rex came around, would you consent to gay inter-species sex just to tame the beast?

Colonel Dr: I do think of myself as the T-Rex of this office. Maybe the state.
Colonel Dr: But no, no interspecies action for me.

Genie: but it's such a tiny V to a dinosaur. it'd be like me trying to do a mouse
Genie: there's no way my peen is fitting in a mouse

Peanut: did you just confess to having a peen?

Genie: I like to pretend I have a peen. makes me feel powerful

Peanut: sometimes I have dreams where I have one
Peanut: and it's always hilariously huge
Peanut: like, won't fit in pants
Peanut: I could do a dino with that one

Genie: a dino peen would be at least as big as a metro bus
Genie: that shit wont fit in me

Peanut: I think velociraptors are about the same size as a tall person
Peanut: I'd have to watch Jurassic Park again
Peanut: I'm sure it's historically accurate
Peanut: so you could do smaller dinos

Genie: ps - you and I WILL be reading a dino sex book in our future. it's a must

Peanut: dramatic reading, of course
Peanut: we can record that shit and sell it as an audio book

Genie: you can do the dino voices
Genie: actually, Colonel Dr can do the dino voices

Colonel Dr: This sounds like a win win to me. Millions of dollars split between us, and I finally get to show off my dinosaur sounds.

Genie: ...but srsly. I need to read one of these things

Peanut: needs to happen

Genie: I hope I dont get turned on

Peanut: I don't see how any of us won't
Peanut: we'll need to make sure all of us have our partners there so we can take care of things afterward

Genie: everything that's happening right now is amazing!

Peanut: best day

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